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Dr Mandy Mihelic, PhD

19th April 2019

has a PhD in Psychology from the University of Queensland, Australia, awarded in 2016. Her dissertation focused on the transition to parenthood for first time parents. She has published a number of articles on parenting in international peer-reviewed journals and a book chapter entitled “A Handbook of Parenting and Child Development across the Lifespan”. Her current position as a researcher in Adelaide focuses on educational and vocational training and employment outcomes, including vocational training pathways for working with animals, such as veterinary nursing and animal grooming. She is deeply passionate about helping create positive changes for animals and as a member of the Australian Animal Justice Party, she helps political campaigns against issues such as animal life export, horse racing, duck hunting, and factory farming. She also presented a talk on human attitudes towards animal fur at the 2017 Animal Ethics Summer School. She is especially concerned about the greater public’s lack of awareness and care towards the experiences of animals that are abused for human consumption and entertainment, and hopes to change this with a compassionate approach in disseminating information to anyone who will listen.