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Professor Marita Giménez-Candela, PhD

19th April 2019

is a Professor of Law at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), with a long career in teaching and research. She is also the Director of Master in Animal Law and ICALP (International Center for Animal Law and Policy). She is a Humboldt Scholar and Visiting Professor at many Universities across the world (Kyoto, Fukuoka, NYU, Köln, München, Paris-Sorbonne, Napoli, Roma La Sapienza, Deutsches Archäologisches Institut in Rom, UNAM in México, Cochabamba in Bolivia). She has lectured in Spanish, French, German, Italian and English in many Universities and Research Institutes. She has published an important number of articles, papers and books about Roman Law, Comparative Law and Animal Law. She introduced Animal Law in Spain. She is member and Founder of Scientific Committees and Legal Societies, and the Founder and Chief Editor of the website, which is the first legal website for animals with an exhaustive database in Europe. In 2009 she established, and has since managed both the onsite and online Master in Animal Law and Society at the UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona), which is a pioneering initiative in Europe. She is the Director of ICALP (International Center for Animal Law and Policy). She manages two Collections of Books on Animals and the Law, as well as the OJS, peer reviewed and indexed journal of Animal Law: `da. Derecho Animal (Forum of Animal Law Studies)’. She has supervised Doctoral Theses, managed competitive Research Projects, has organized International Conferences (including the II Global Animal Law Conference in Barcelona, 2014 and the III Global Animal Law in Hong Kong, 2018), and has been a magistrate for the High Court of Justice of Catalonia. Her passions include animals, life outdoors, and opera.