Summer School 2014

Call for Papers

Oxford Summer School on Religion and Animal Protection

21-23 July 2014 at St Stephen’s House, Oxford

The Summer School will examine the ethical adequacy of religious attitudes to animals.

Inspired by Baptist Preacher Charles Spurgeon’s claim that a person cannot be a true Christian if his dog or cat is not the better off for it, the Summer School will consider whether religious people and religious institutions benefit animals. Are they more or less likely to be respectful to animals – either those kept as companions or those used for other human purposes?

The Summer School will be international, multi-faith, and multi-disciplinary and intends to attract not only theologians and religious thinkers, but also other academics including social scientists, psychologists, historians, and criminologists.

The School is being arranged by the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics ( St Stephen’s House is an Anglican Theological College and a Hall of the University of Oxford (

To view the complete programme see here. Registration for the Summer School has now closed.

Academic Credits

The Graduate Theological Foundation (GTF) is awarding 3 academic credits for those who provide verification of attendance of the Summer School and submit a 10-12 page response paper directly to the GTF.  See