A series of articles in which Fellows of the Centre comment on topical issues. The views expressed do not necessarily represent the policy of the Centre.

Talking about Animals and God

Dr Clair Linzey
1 June 2020

The Voice of “Beautiful Joe”

The Revd Dr Cassandra Carkuff Williams
22nd November 2017

Address at Westminster Abbey

Andrew Linzey
Sunday 2nd October, 2011

Killing and Hunting

Priscilla N. Cohn
14th September 2011

Homage to Catalonia

Priscilla N. Cohn
31st July 2010

Clever Crows and Not So Clever Humans

Andrew Linzey
4th June 2010

Vote for Animals

Andrew Linzey
19th April 2010

More on the Scruton/TLS Debate

Priscilla N. Cohn
18th March 2010

Debating with Scruton in the TLS

Andrew Linzey
4th February 2010

Living Peaceably

Andrew Linzey
6th October 2009

Wrong to Build a Veterinary Hospital?

Andrew Linzey
11th September 2009

The Ethics of Rewilding

Andrew Linzey
3rd September 2009

Un-sporting killing

Andrew Linzey
24th March 2009

On “Not Doing” Animals

Andrew Linzey
30th October 2008

Animals as Military Targets

Andrew Linzey
2nd October 2008

Hunting foxes and catching mice

Andrew Linzey
21st August 2008

On not even asking the question

Andrew Linzey
15th July 2008