Latest News

  • Press Release: Texan Philanthropists Appointed Honorary Fellows of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics
    29th January 2024
  • End of Year Round-up and Christmas Appeal
    15th December 2023
  • Registration for the 2024 Summer School is Open
    7th December 2023
  • Press Release: “Predator control” on Scottish moors causes tremendous, unjustifiable suffering to animals, say academics
    4th December 2023
  • Wycliffe Hall announces the appointment of Clair Linzey as their Research Fellow in Animal Ethics
    3rd November 2023
  • Press Release: Launch of “The Ethics of Fur” the first multidisciplinary book to address the subject
    31st October 2023
  • The Animal Thing Needs Your Help
    25th September 2023
  • Press Release: Oxford Summer School to Celebrate the Pioneers of Animal Protection
    21st September 2023
  • Press Release: New book from academics looks at the often-neglected relationship between religions and animals
    19th July 2023
  • Press Release: Appointment of New Fellows of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics
    27th June 2023
  • Press Release: Wins for Oxford University Animal Ethics Society Team at the International Business Ethics Case Competition
    16th June 2023
  • Press Release: Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics Announces its Summer School Programme for 7-10th August 2023
    25th May 2023
  • Provisional Summer School Programme Released
    10th May 2023
  • Press Release: “Rewilding” Leads to More Killing of Animals, say Animal Ethicists
    24th April 2023
  • Press Release: Ground-Breaking New Book Explores Ethics and Law in Relation to Animals
    7th February 2023
  • Christmas Roundup and Appeal
    22nd December 2022
  • Press Release: New Film Reveals Pro-Animal Voices at Oxford
    19th December 2022
  • Press Release: New Book – Academics Publish “Unanswerable” Case Against Fur Factory Farming
    12th December 2022
  • Retrospective: Annual Oxford Animal Ethics Summer School 2022
    4th November 2022
  • Press Release: University Preacher Urges Vegan Diet
    24th October 2022
  • Press Release: Michelle Thew becomes Tenth Honorary Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics
    5th July 2022
  • Press Release: Animal Protection Should be Institutionalised, argue Academics
    2nd June 2022
  • Press Release: Captive Elephant Contrary to Christian Ethics, say Theologians
    20th May 2022
  • Press Release: Archbishop Desmond Tutu also a Champion for the Protection of Animals
    27th December 2021
  • Christmas Appeal 2021
    23rd December 2021
  • Press Release: Harry Potter Accused of Imperialist Attitudes Towards Animals
    21st December 2021
  • Press Release: The Annual Oxford Animal Ethics Summer School Returns
    2nd December 2021
  • Press Release: Developing Animal Theology Published
    24th November 2021
  • Centre on YouTube
    14th May 2021
  • An important message from the Director of the Summer School
    23rd March 2021
  • Press Release: Literature is a Strategic Resource in Humane Education, claims Academic
    9th December 2020
  • Press Release: Appointment of New Fellows of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics
    2nd December 2020
  • Press Release: Disney Films Blur Reality of Harm to Animals
    23rd October 2020
  • Press Release: Launch of New Scientific Organisation to End Animal Testing
    15th October 2020
  • Press Release: New Book Exposes Zoo Legislation Failings
    7th October 2020
  • Press Release: The Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics Appoints Ninth Honorary Fellow
    29th September 2020
  • Press Release: First Dutch Book on Animal Theology
    15th April 2020
  • Summer School 2020 Postponed
    30th March 2020
  • Press Release: Stopping Animal Abuse will Prevent Future Pandemics, says Leading Scientist
    23rd March 2020
  • Press Release: First Professor of Animal Theology in the US
    10th March 2020
  • Press release: Plants Power Oxford Blue
    5th March 2020
  • Press Release: Pioneering Book on Cow Care in India
    6th February 2020
  • Press Release: Vegan Food at some Oxford Colleges variously described as “terrible,” “atrocious,” “insult to anyone with taste buds,” or “may as well go eat grass in a park.”
    3rd January 2020
  • Anne Rees becomes the Centre’s Eighth Honorary Fellow
    2nd December 2019
  • Summer School 2020: Change of Dates and Venue
    26th November 2019
  • Call for Papers for Summer School 2020
    27th September 2019
  • Death of Professor Priscilla Cohn
    6th July 2019
  • Press Release: Veggies to Rate Oxford Colleges
    2nd May 2019
  • Humane education on the academic agenda at Oxford
    26th April 2019
  • Appointment of New Fellows
    19th April 2019
  • Christmas Appeal 2018
    20th December 2018
  • New Exploration of the Ethical Boycott of Animal Products
    21st November 2018
  • First Handbook of Religion and Animal Ethics
    23rd October 2018
  • Call for Papers for Summer School 2019
    9th October 2018
  • A New Practical Guide to Animal Ethics
    16th August 2018
  • World academics to debate animal law at Oxford
    20th April 2018
  • Two Pioneering Books from the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics
    16th January 2018
  • New Book: Animal Ethics for Veterinarians
    3rd November 2017
  • Call for Papers for Summer School 2018
    25th September 2017
  • Provisional Programme for Oxford Summer School Published
    15th April 2017
  • Press Release: University of Winchester students to present at pioneering Oxford Summer School
    13th April 2017
  • Press Release: Animal Ethics Centre Fellows Exceed One Hundred
    8th April 2017
  • Press Release: World academics to debate the ethics of fur at Oxford
    6th February 2017
  • OUAES President in Next Round of University Challenge
    29th December 2016
  • Double Your Support for The Animal Thing
    19th December 2016
  • Press Release: Mansfield College is Vegetarians’ Choice at Oxford
    8th December 2016
  • Deputy Director Visits Brazil
    8th December 2016
  • Press Release: Launch of the Vegetarian Norrington Table
    3rd October 2016
  • Centre Fellow’s New Book on Animal Ethics in German
    30th September 2016
  • Oxford University Animal Ethics Society Wins at IBECC 2016
    30th September 2016
  • Call for Papers for Summer School 2017
    3rd September 2016
  • Appointment of New Fellows
    8th August 2016
  • Animal Ethics Society President to Compete on University Challenge
    3rd August 2016
  • Summer School 2016: A Big Thank You
    3rd August 2016
  • Top academics address the ethics of eating animals
    4th April 2016
  • We are Making Strides
    5th December 2015
  • Call for Papers for Summer School 2016
    2nd October 2015
  • Appointment of New Fellows
    1st September 2015
  • Associate Fellow Launches New Course in Gender and Critical Animal Studies
    1st July 2015
  • Philosopher Fellow Volunteers for Animals
    9th June 2015
  • Fellow Wins Prestigious Animal Protection Award
    25th May 2015
  • Director and Deputy Director’s 2014-2015 Publications
    25th May 2015
  • Press Release: Academics debate the ethics of animal experiments at Oxford Summer School
    13th April 2015
  • Appointment of New Fellows
    1st April 2015
  • Press Release on Centre’s Report on the Ethics of Animal Experiments
    26th March 2015
  • Korean Edition of Creatures of the Same God
    2nd March 2015
  • Associate Fellow Publishes First Edited Book on Animals in Social Work
    17th November 2014
  • Associate Fellow Publishes New Book on Eco-Theology
    17th November 2014
  • Praise for the Global Guide to Animal Protection
    27th October 2014
  • Call for Papers for 2015 Summer School
    29th September 2014
  • Fellow Joins Seaworld Captivity Controversy
    5th September 2014
  • Centre Celebrates Successful First Oxford Summer School
    29th July 2014
  • Director’s Lecture Now Available as DVD
    29th July 2014
  • Fellow Leads New Academic Study on Veganism
    13th June 2014
  • Appointment of New Fellows
    12th June 2014
  • Members of the Oxford University Animal Ethics Society Win Trophies
    20th May 2014
  • Why Animal Suffering Matters Now Online
    20th May 2014
  • Programme of 2014 Summer School Now Online
    29th April 2014
  • New Videos by Fellows
    24th April 2014
  • PhD Successes of Fellows
    21st March 2014
  • Christianity and the Status of Animals Published
    5th March 2014
  • Director’s 2012-4 Publications
    16th February 2014
  • News Release: Top Scholars Address Religious Ethics and Animal Protection
    10th February 2014
  • Press Release: There Should Be An International Court to Try Cases of Animal Cruelty, says Oxford ethicist
    30th December 2013
  • Press Release: We Must Fight Injustice to Animals as We do Injustice to Blacks, Women and Gays, says Archbishop Desmond Tutu
    30th December 2013
  • Director Appointed First Professor of Animal Theology
    22nd December 2013
  • News Release: Major New Review of Ethics of Animal Testing Research
    3rd December 2013
  • Why Animal Suffering Matters Now in Paperback
    12th November 2013
  • New Work on Animals in Classical Culture
    11th November 2013
  • Deputy Director Invited to Women of the Year Event
    1st November 2013
  • Croatian Edition of Animal Theology Published
    4th October 2013
  • A Message from the Director
    16th September 2013
  • Appointment of New Fellows
    11th September 2013
  • New Book on Killing Happy Animals
    4th September 2013
  • Recent Work by Fellows
    4th September 2013
  • Recent Columns in the Huffington Post
    29th July 2013
  • Call for Papers for Oxford Summer School
    17th July 2013
  • Fellow Writes New Introduction to Animal Rights
    9th July 2013
  • News Release: Is Religion Good for Your Cat and Dog?
    1st July 2013
  • Fellow Writes Introduction to Classic Work on Animals in Roman Life
    20th June 2013
  • Deputy Director Completes Successful Taiwan Lectures
    20th June 2013
  • Director Signs Letter Calling for Independent Inquiry into Animal Tests
    12th June 2013
  • Press Release: RSPCA should Prosecute Government Badger Killers, says Oxford Ethicist
    29th May 2013
  • Animal Ethics Society Competes in International Debating Competition
    23rd May 2013
  • Death of Honorary Fellow
    7th May 2013
  • Fellow appointed Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs
    17th April 2013
  • Latest Issue of JAE
    11th April 2013
  • Associate Fellow Makes Educational Video on Animal Ethics
    5th April 2013
  • Appointment of New Fellows
    28th March 2013
  • Australian Pioneer Honoured for Philanthropic Work
    19th March 2013
  • Unitarians Declare for Animals
    8th March 2013
  • Press Release: U.S. Ag-Gag Laws “Sinister” say Leading Academics
    1st March 2013
  • Fellow on YouTube
    11th February 2013
  • Fellow Publishes Study of Kangaroos
    11th February 2013
  • First Introduction to Critical Animal Studies Published
    4th February 2013
  • Fellow Writes Blog for Huffington Post
    4th February 2013
  • Founding Fellow becomes Writer-in-Residence at Oxford Literary Festival
    31st January 2013
  • Can Animals be Moral? Arouses Debate
    7th January 2013
  • Power, Knowledge, Animals Published
    7th January 2013
  • New Categories of Association
    2nd January 2013
  • Fellow Presents at Mansfield College, Oxford
    4th December 2012
  • PhD Successes of Fellows
    6th November 2012
  • Animal cruelty crimes should be treated with the same seriousness as crimes against humans, claims leading psychologist.
    23rd October 2012
  • Fellow’s Book Short Listed for Lush Prize
    22nd October 2012
  • 12,000 Sign Petition for National Animal Cruelty Offenders Register
    16th October 2012
  • Fellow Publishes Book on Exotic Animals in Victorian England
    15th October 2012
  • National Petition for Animal Cruelty Offenders Register
    10th October 2012
  • Deputy Director gives Keynote Address at Warsaw Conference
    4th October 2012
  • Ferrater Mora Chair Wins Award for Academic Excellence
    4th October 2012
  • Leading Animal Ethicists Call for Full Disclosure on Testing
    2nd October 2012
  • Call for National Animal Cruelty Offenders’ Register by Oxford Theologian
    27th September 2012
  • Fellow Edits Book on Africa and Its Animals
    22nd September 2012
  • Fellow Contributes to Pioneering Book on Environmental Social Work
    27th August 2012
  • Third World Congress on Bioethics and Animal Rights
    22nd August 2012
  • Fellow Examines Animal Suffering in Philosophy and Culture
    20th August 2012
  • Fellow Embarks on Lecture Tour in Peru
    16th August 2012
  • New Deputy Director
    16th August 2012
  • Fellow Publishes Pioneering Work on Animals in Visual Culture
    28th July 2012
  • Critical Acclaim for Book on Animal Experimentation
    23rd July 2012
  • Director’s Presentation Online
    11th July 2012
  • Appointment of New Fellows
    9th July 2012
  • New Collection on Transhumanism
    29th May 2012
  • French Edition of the Link Book Published
    17th May 2012
  • Fellow Publishes New Book on Animals and Sociology
    11th May 2012
  • Fellow Organises Conference on New EU Directive
    11th May 2012
  • Third Issue of JAE Published
    26th April 2012
  • A Sociological Analysis of Animal Abuse
    26th April 2012
  • Fellow becomes President Elect of the Pathology Council of the Royal Society of Medicine
    20th March 2012
  • Critique of Chimpanzee Experiments Published
    20th March 2012
  • News Release: Bird Flu Will Remain A Threat As Long As Factory Farms Exist
    16th February 2012
  • Centre welcomes Visiting Fellow
    7th February 2012
  • Director’s 2011 publications
    1st February 2012
  • Six of Fifteen Books Published in Animal Ethics Series
    6th December 2011
  • JAE Article Shortlisted for Australian Prize
    4th December 2011
  • New Book Exposes Inconsistencies in Animal Protection Laws
    4th November 2011
  • Director to Receive University Honour
    4th November 2011
  • Second Issue of Journal of Animal Ethics Published
    18th October 2011
  • Fellow Comments on Growth of Animal Sensitivity in China
    10th October 2011
  • News Release: Government and Church Inaction Allows Animal Cruelty to Thrive, Claims Theologian
    29th September 2011
  • Fellow Challenges Researchers on Animal Testing
    26th September 2011
  • Service for Animals in Westminster Abbey
    26th September 2011
  • Philosopher Fellow Helps Run New Cat Clinic in Pennsylvania
    19th September 2011
  • International Fertility Control Conference
    25th August 2011
  • Fellow publishes an innovative book on animals and the media
    14th July 2011
  • Media Response to Centre’s News Release on Animal Language
    14th July 2011
  • Fellow Contributes to Special Issue of Criminology Journal on Animal Abuse
    24th June 2011
  • Associate Fellow Publishes Trailblazing Work on Animals and Social Work
    10th June 2011
  • Fellow Contributes to Pioneering Conference in Brazil
    9th June 2011
  • Fellow Publishes Ground-breaking Book on Animal Experiments
    1st June 2011
  • News Release: Animal Language Sends Wrong Message
    26th April 2011
  • Fellow publishes Creaturely Poetics
    18th April 2011
  • News Release: Launch of the Journal of Animal Ethics
    2nd April 2011
  • Illinois Offers Free Copy of Inaugural Issue of New Journal
    23rd March 2011
  • Press and web reports up to February 2011
    8th February 2011
  • Launch of Pioneering Book Series on Animal Ethics
    1st February 2011
  • Polish Interest in Animal Ethics
    25th January 2011
  • Director’s 2010 publications
    25th January 2011
  • Director Contributes to Television Series on Animals
    13th December 2010
  • Bob Barker becomes Centre’s Sixth Honorary Fellow
    7th December 2010
  • The 20th Anniversary of the Ferrater Mora Chair
    4th December 2010
  • Fellow Warns of Threats to Minimum Standards for Animals in Research
    1st November 2010
  • New Animals in Literature Anthology published
    11th October 2010
  • Achievements of Fellows
    4th October 2010
  • Director Receives RSPCA Award
    3rd September 2010
  • 2010 Essay Competition on Christianity and Animals
    13th August 2010
  • Pioneering Law Publication by Centre Fellow
    10th August 2010
  • Fellow writes on the Cultural Representation of Animals
    10th July 2010
  • Climate Change and Animal Agriculture
    10th July 2010
  • Post-Nominal Letters
    10th July 2010
  • First South African Symposium on Animal Ethics
    17th June 2010
  • French Edition of Animal Theology
    9th June 2010
  • Clair Linzey Raises £500 for Centre
    2nd June 2010
  • Declaration on Cetacean Rights
    1st June 2010
  • Justus George Lawler appointed Honorary Fellow
    27th May 2010
  • New Studies on Ferrater Mora
    27th May 2010
  • Voting for Animals: Where the Parties Stand
    4th May 2010
  • Clair Linzey runs Half-Marathon for Centre
    9th April 2010
  • Associate Fellow helps lead the Quebec Meatless Mondays campaign
    9th April 2010
  • Associate Fellow speaks at Conference on Religion and Animals
    9th April 2010
  • Press and web reports up to February 2010
    1st February 2010
  • Director’s 2009 publications
    20th January 2010
  • Fellow Organises RSM Symposium on Zoonoses
    12th January 2010
  • Fellow Champions Dolphins as “Non-Human Persons”
    10th January 2010
  • Victoria Premier Challenged on Resumption of Duck Shooting
    9th January 2010
  • Fellow Shows Links between Animal Welfare and Public Health
    2nd January 2010
  • Washington Post Debate on Animals
    27th December 2009
  • New French University Journal on Animals
    23rd December 2009
  • Fellow Challenges Increase in Animal Testing
    6th December 2009
  • ‘Vodcast’ on the History of Vegetarianism
    6th November 2009
  • School of Compassion published
    28th September 2009
  • Link book based on Centre’s Conference now published
    11th September 2009
  • “Humane” Slaughter Controversy
    1st September 2009
  • RSPCA Press Release on Animal Welfare Sunday
    24th August 2009
  • Guide to Dangerous Dog Issues published
    17th August 2009
  • US edition of Creatures published
    30th July 2009
  • Animal Ethics Society Recognised by Oxford University
    19th July 2009
  • Why Animal Suffering Matters published
    9th July 2009
  • Madame Jeanne Marchig becomes Honorary Fellow
    29th June 2009
  • Litigating Animal Law Disputes published
    24th June 2009
  • Appointment of New Fellows
    12th June 2009
  • New Journal of Animal Ethics: Call for Papers
    3rd June 2009
  • 2009 First National No Kill Conference
    29th May 2009
  • Social Creatures wins University Award
    12th May 2009
  • Fellow addresses link between “swine flu” and intensive farming
    1st May 2009
  • Vice-Chancellor of Winchester becomes Honorary Fellow
    29th April 2009
  • Associate Fellow receives ALDF Award
    6th April 2009
  • Director appointed Honorary Research Fellow
    20th March 2009
  • Press and web reports up to February 2009
    16th February 2009
  • Press Release: Launch of Pioneering Animal Ethics Book Series
    30th January 2009
  • Philosophy of Animals Course Pioneered at Duquesne University
    13th January 2009
  • Director’s 2008 publications
    12th January 2009
  • Critical Success for The Philosopher and the Wolf
    6th January 2009
  • University distance-learning course on Christianity and the Environment
    8th December 2008
  • Fellow Dr Siobhan O’Sullivan joins the ‘Minding Animals’ planning committee
    26th October 2008
  • Fellows Support Australia’s First Animal Law Journal
    13th October 2008
  • Animal Welfare Sunday
    2nd October 2008
  • Fellow Co-Edits Multi-Volume Historical Survey on Animals
    30th August 2008
  • Fellow Edits Ground-breaking Human-Animal Studies Anthology
    19th August 2008
  • Fellow becomes Founding Chair of New Animal Law Section of the American Association of Law Schools
    25th July 2008
  • New Fellow Pioneers Animal Protection in China
    17th July 2008
  • Appointment of New Fellows
    9th July 2008
  • Ferrater Mora Celebrations in Spain
    2nd June 2008
  • PhD successes for Associate Fellows
    27th May 2008
  • Director becomes Patron of two primate charities
    19th May 2008
  • Centre’s website receives half a million hits
    1st May 2008
  • New Animal Ethics Society Launched
    4th March 2008
  • University Sermon on Animal Experimentation
    27th February 2008
  • Fellow Edits Pioneering Work on Animals and Cultural Studies
    25th February 2008
  • Reprint of Animals and Christianity
    6th February 2008
  • Director’s 2007 publications
    4th February 2008
  • Press and web reports up to February 2008
    30th January 2008
  • Associate Director Speaks at Pioneering Anti-Bullfight Conference
    17th January 2008
  • Launch of Fellows’ Forum
    16th January 2008
  • Dr Irene W. Crowe appointed Honorary Fellow
    8th January 2008
  • Oscar Horta wins Ferrater Mora Prize
    3rd January 2008
  • RSPCA Service Marks World Day for Animals
    28th September 2007
  • Tribute to Professor Timothy Sprigge
    11th September 2007
  • Film Profile of Director’s Work Available Online
    14th August 2007
  • Oxford Conference will be a Landmark Event: Latest Release
    31st July 2007
  • Adviser Publishes Pioneering Work on Dolphins
    30th July 2007
  • Appointment of New Fellows
    25th June 2007
  • Launch of Creatures of the Same God
    14th June 2007
  • Director appointed Honorary Professor at Winchester
    22nd May 2007
  • International Conference at Oxford: Call for Papers
    8th May 2007
  • Director’s 2006 Publications
    16th January 2007
  • New Appointment of Professor in Animal Ethics
    22nd December 2006
  • Taiwanese Edition of Animal Gospel Published
    19th December 2006
  • Media Reaction to Launch of Centre
    18th December 2006
  • 100 Academics Support New Animal Ethics Centre at Oxford
    6th December 2006
  • The Ferrater Mora Prize
    6th December 2006