The Centre recognizes that public opinion is a crucial component in establishing ethical attitudes to animals. To this end, the Centre seeks to make thoughtful contributions to public debate.

Here are some examples of broadcasts by the Director, Professor Andrew Linzey currently available to hear/view:

Discussion on the Ethics of Rewilding
Earthbeat Programme
Radio Netherlands Worldwide
28 August 2009
Listen to it here

Sunday Sequence
Discussion on God and vegetarianism
BBC Radio Ulster
20 January 2008
Listen to it here

Encounter Programme on Animals
Australian Broadcasting Company
1 October, 2006
Listen to it here (also transcript)

Discussion with Peter Singer
BBC Radio 4, Iconoclasts Programme
6 September, 2006
Listen to it here
or the unedited discussion, including questions and answers here

Discussion with Dr Janet Radcliffe Richards on screening of embryos
BBC News, 19 July, 2004
Play video here

Discussion with Professor Patrick Bateson about GM animals
BBC Radio 4, 21 May, 2001
Listen to it here

Film Profile of Director
BBC2, 1995
Watch it here

Debate on a bill of rights for animals
The Royal Institute of Great Britain
Arena, BBC2 1989
See it here