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A warm welcome to our website.

Our Centre aims to break new ground for the animals.

We want to put ethical concern for animals on the intellectual agenda, and contribute to an enlightened public debate about animals.

We believe that the rational case for animals is frequently understated within academia and misrepresented in the media.

Our aim is to create a world-wide association of academics from all disciplines who want to pioneer ethical perspectives on animals. We intend to create a new intellectual force – a select Fellowship – composed of accomplished academics able to make the ethical case for animals.

If you are an academic with a record of research or publication in animal ethics, or someone involved in professional work with animals, we invite you to ask one of your colleagues to nominate you so that you can be considered for appointment as a Fellow or an Associate Fellow.

Our Centre is just beginning. We have many plans and high hopes. Please help us to realise them by supporting us.


Professor Andrew Linzey
Director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics