Animal Ethics

  • is inspired by the work of ethicists and philosophers who have pioneered new perspectives on animals;
  • is informed by scientific work indicating that animals are sentient and possess complex systems of awareness;
  • seeks to relate these insights to how we treat animals today;
  • questions the ‘old view’ of animals as simply things, machines, tools, commodities, or resources, put here for our use, and
  • holds that all sentient beings have intrinsic value and should be treated with respect.

We cannot change the world for animals without changing our ideas about them. Philosophers have led the way in helping us to think differently about animals.

Academics should now lead the way in furthering ethical attitudes and contributing to informed public debate.

Our concern is to establish an unashamedly elite school of academics able to make an effective ethical case for animals.

The Centre is opposed to violence and illegality, and will not appoint Fellows who advocate violence or law breaking.