• The Centre facilitates collaborative research between Fellows focused on specific issues or projects. Research is made possible through electronic communication between Fellows world-wide.
  • Research projects currently under consideration include, inter alia, the philosophical and theological foundations of animal ethics; an exploration of the latest scientific work on the complexity of animal awareness; the relationship between violence to humans and animal abuse, and practical issues of international importance to animal ethics.

The Animal Archive

The Centre is establishing an Archive that aims to be

  • a specialist online resource of papers on animal ethics;
  • a unique facility for researchers, teachers, and commentators;
  • comprehensive in providing the most important academic papers in the field, and
  • inclusive of theoretical and applied aspects of animal ethics, as well as commentaries on topical issues.
  • Academics are invited to contribute published or unpublished papers for inclusion, or to provide abstracts and URLs to articles published elsewhere on the web. For more information, please contact the Director.