Sponsor a Project

The Centre has big goals to achieve in the upcoming years and we need your help to get us there.  All of our projects are designed to help put animals on the intellectual agenda as never before.  We need your help to help people think differently about animals.

Here is a list of projects that are currently in need of sponsorship.

  1. Named Centre building in Oxford for visitors, fellows, students and researchers, complete with conference rooms and library (£5,000,000).
  2. Online Certificate Course in Animal Ethics, a qualification for students, practitioners, and professionals  (£175,000).
  3. Named Bursaries for students who are currently researching in areas that have relevance to Animal Ethics (£100,000).
  4. Named Annual Lecture on Animal Ethics for ten years (£80,000).
  5. Online Animal Ethics Archive, a resource for teachers, students, academics, researchers, named after the benefactor (£60,000).
  6. Sponsorship of one Summer School at Oxford on a leading topic on Animal Ethics (£20,000).
  7. Handbook of Practical Animal Ethics with leading contributors to be published in the Palgrave Macmillan Animal Ethics Book Series (£15,000).
  8. A book on a selected topic in Animal Ethics with contributions from leading ethicists (£15,000).
  9. A film on Animal Ethics, featuring the work of the Centre for academics and students (£10,000).
  10. Publication of small brochure about the work of the Centre and distribution to students and academics (£5,000).
  11. Special commemorative page in an issue of the Journal of Animal Ethics (£5,000).
  12. Sending out complimentary copies of The Global Guide to Animal Protection (with a foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu) to academics, politicians and journalists (£3,000).

If you are in the position to sponsor a project please contact the Deputy Director, Clair Linzey: depdirector@oxfordanimalethics.com