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Taiwanese Edition of Animal Gospel Published

19th December 2006

A Taiwanese edition of Professor Andrew Linzey’s book Animal Gospel has been published. Commenting, Professor Linzey said: “This, together with the Chinese edition published a year ago, is a most welcome sign of a new sensitivity to animals in Asia. In fact, the first Christian Church in China was perhaps the most animal-friendly Church that ever existed. As I explain in my Preface (‘Rediscovering Chinese Christianity’), the Church known as ‘The Religion of Light’ advocated respect for all life and practised vegetarianism. The Church lasted from about 600 AD till the collapse of the Tang Dynasty in 906.” The book has been translated by one of the Centre’s Advisers, Dr Chien-hui Li, a noted historian of animal protection from Wolfson College, Cambridge. It is published by Yong-Wang in Taipei, Taiwan.

See Andrew Linzey, ‘Respect for Life in Early Chinese Christianity’, Madang (International Journal of Contextual Theology in East Asia), Vol. 4, December 2005, pp. 91-101.