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Director’s 2006 Publications

16th January 2007

The following are the Director’s publications on animal ethics during 2006:

Animal Gospel [Taiwanese edition], Taipei, Taiwan: Yong-Wang, 2006, pp. 226 (pbk). ISBN 986-7173-36-8

Articles in journals
‘Animal Theology – or theology as if animals really mattered’, Dialogue: A Journal of Religion and Philosophy, Issue 26, April 2006, pp. 3-9.

‘An Ethical Critique of the Canadian Seal Hunt and an Examination of the Case for Import Controls on Seal Products’, Journal of Animal Law, Vol. II, 2006, pp. 87-119.

‘Animals as Grace: On Being an Animal Liturgist’, The Way, Vol. 45, No. 4, October, 2006, pp. 137-149.

‘The Ethical Case for European Legislation Against Fur Farming’, Animal Law Review, Vol. 13, Issue 1, December 2006, pp. 147-165.

Contributions to books
‘What prevents us from recognizing animal sentience?’ in Jacky Turner and Joyce D’Silva (eds), Animals, Ethics and Trade: The Challenge of Animal Sentience (London and Sterling, VA: Earthscan, 2006), pp. 68-77. ISBN 1-84407-255-X

‘Rediscovering Chinese Christianity’, Preface to Animal Gospel [Taiwanese edition], Taipei, Taiwan: Yong-Wang, 2006, pp. 21-32.

‘So Near and Yet So Far: Animal Theology and Ecological Theology’ in Roger S. Gottlieb (ed), The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Ecology (New York: Oxford University Press, 2006), pp. 348-361. ISBN 9780 1951 78722

Articles in newspapers/magazines
Interview, EVA (Ethisch vegetarisch alternatief) [Flemish], No. 22, Summer 2006, pp. 4-8.

Interview, SouthAsia, Vol. 10, No. 7, July 2006, pp. 55-56.

‘Animals must not be scapegoats’, The Times, No 68879, 9 December, 2006, p.78.

Book reviews
‘The Routledge Companion to the Study of Religion’, Times Higher Education Supplement, No. 1,743, 19 May, 2006, p. 27.

‘Animals, Ethics and Trade’, New Statesman, 14 August, 2006, p. 51.