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Director appointed Honorary Professor at Winchester

22nd May 2007

Oxford theologian appointed as Honorary Professor at Winchester

The Revd Dr Andrew Linzey has been appointed Honorary Professor at the University of Winchester. This honour, which is bestowed only on a few scholars and after a lengthy and rigorous process of selection, has been awarded to Dr Linzey who has achieved international standing as the pre-eminent theologian on the moral status of animals.

Dr Linzey is a member of the Faculty of Theology at the University of Oxford and Director of the new Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. Over three decades, he has pioneered theological research and has written more than 200 articles and written or edited 20 books. “The University of Winchester has a fine reputation for pioneering theology and comprises many outstanding scholars, so it is a privilege to be counted among them”, said Dr Linzey.

Commenting on the appointment, the Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer Professor Elizabeth Stuart said: “Dr Linzey began writing on theology and animals long before it was thought fashionable. He has truly been a trail blazer, asking questions that few other theologians have dared to ask and encouraging new generations of scholars. It is a delight to welcome him to our team at Winchester”.

The appointment is particularly apt because later this year the newly established Winchester University Press is publishing its first titles, including Creatures of the Same God by Dr Linzey. “It’s a great book”, said Professor Stuart, “which makes the rational, ethical and theological case for animals at a time when there is a dearth of rational discussion about how we should treat animals”.

The appointment is for three years and Dr Linzey joins the Very Revd Dr David L. Edwards, formerly Dean of Southwark and Professor Rosemary Radford Ruether, a leading feminist theologian as one of the Theology and Religious Studies Department’s honorary professors.