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30th January 2008

Hardly a week goes by without the Centre being approached by the media about some aspect of the ethical treatment of animals. Some result in published comments, many do not. There is a continuing tendency on the part of the media to trivialise “animal stories” and to understate the rational case. “It is a key part of our work”, comments Professor Andrew Linzey, “but it is often an uphill struggle to get a fair hearing in the press. It is vital that the Centre continues to operate as an alternative source to the usual unenlightened comments about animals”. Below is a selection of news and web reports, both serious and superficial from August 2006, as well as some articles by Professor Linzey.

Thinking creatures, New Statesman, 14 August 2006

The Good List, The Independent, 1 September 2006

Animals should not be scapegoats, The Times, 9 December 2006,,3933-2494161_1,00.html

Faith and food fact files, 1 July 2007

Putting dogs before children, Community Care, 25 July 2007

‘First hit the pets, then the people’, Church Times, 17 August 2007

Conor Gearty comment on animal rights, 13 September 2007

Link between animal abuse and human violence, Ekklesia, 16 September 2007

Is it kosher to pray for my cat? The Huffington Post, 21 September 2007

World Day for Animals, Anglican Communion Official website, 4 October 2007

A heavenly kind of treat, Baltimore Sun, 7 October 2007,0,4155282.story?track=rss

Do dogs go to heaven? Abilene Reporter, 12 October 2007

Controversial lecture at Cathedral, Devon Sunday Independent, 28 October 2007

When a pet dies, Episcopal Café, 2 November 2007

All theology is animal theology, Thinking Reed, 21 November 2007

What are zoos for? BBC News, 8 January 2008

Ethics of reintroducing species, BBC News, 29 January 2008