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Reprint of Animals and Christianity

6th February 2008

The first anthology of Christian texts on animals, Animals and Christianity: A Book of Readings originally published in 1988, and out of print for a decade has now been reprinted by Wipf and Stock publishers. Widely used as a text by theological students and seminarians, the book helped spur on an international discussion in theological circles about the status of animals. Dr John Habgood, Archbishop of York described the book as “an indispensable tool” to understanding the theological debate about animals. The anthology comprises extracts from partisans of both sides of the debate, including: St Thomas Aquinas, St Augustine, Karl Barth, St Bonaventure, John Calvin, René Descartes, Austin Farrer, John Hick, St Irenaeus, St John of the Cross, C. S. Lewis, St Thomas More, E. F. Schumacher, Albert Schweitzer, Paul Tillich, Leo Tolstoy, Alec Vidler and John Wesley, and is based around 5 sections: “Attitudes to Creation”, “The Problem of Pain”, “The Question of Animal Redemption”, “Reverence, Responsibility and Rights” and “Practical Issues” – encompassing animal experimentation, fur-trapping, hunting for sport, intensive farming, and killing for food. The book is edited by Andrew Linzey and Tom Regan. Commenting on its reappearance, Professor Linzey said: “This book has been in continuing demand for over a decade and it is a delight to welcome it back into print. I am proud to have had a hand in creating the anthology that opened up the animal issue for a whole generation of theology students.” Information about ordering can be obtained here.