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Appointment of New Fellows

9th July 2008

The Centre is delighted to announce the long awaited list of new Fellows of the Centre. “The process has been so lengthy this year because of the large number of nominations”, said Professor Andrew Linzey. “Every nomination is treated with the greatest care and the process of selection is rigorous and painstaking. We sincerely apologise to those who have had to wait so long.” Twenty six new Fellows have been appointed from a wide variety of disciplines, including history, law, philosophy, sociology, cultural studies and religion – and encompass both accomplished scholars as well as younger scholars with a promising future ahead of them. The total number of fellows now stands at 51. “All those selected are individuals who are pioneering animal ethics – fundamental ethical questions about animals – in a variety of disciplines”, commented Professor Linzey. Academics, both from the sciences as well as the humanities, who are researching or intending to research in the field are eligible for consideration. Under the rules, appointment is offered only once to successful individuals within their lifetime, and appointment is by invitation or nomination only. Only a small proportion of those nominated are eventually selected. “The Centre extends its warmest congratulations to the successful individuals”, commented Professor Linzey. The new Fellows and their biographies can be viewed here.