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Fellows Support Australia’s First Animal Law Journal

13th October 2008

Two of the Centre’s Fellows, Flinders University Law Lecturer, Lesley Petrie, and Research Fellow of Melbourne University, Dr Siobhan O’Sullivan, are among academics supporting the first Australian animal law journal, launched in July 2008. The Australian Animal Protection Law Journal (AAPLJ) is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed legal journal which is ‘intended to be a forum for principled consideration and spirited discussion of the issues of law and fact affecting the lives of non-human animals’. A variety of contributions are welcomed by the journal including, articles, case notes, letters, and book reviews.

The first issue of the journal includes articles on the effectiveness of animal protection legislation (by Dr O’Sullivan); transparency in animal research regulation; intensive farming; and human rights as a model for animal protection. The inaugural issue also includes an introduction by Peter Sankoff, co-editor of Australasia’s first animal law text book Animal Law in Australasia

(Federation Press: forthcoming 2009) to which both Lesley Petrie and Dr O’Sullivan have contributed chapters. The launch of the AAPLJ, published by the Legal Bulletin Service, is encouraging evidence that “animal law is making real strides in the Australasian region”, commented Peter Sankoff. For further information about the AAPLJ, email the Editor John Mancy at