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Animal Ethics Society Recognised by Oxford University

19th July 2009

The Centre is delighted to announce that the Animal Ethics Society – a society for members of the University, including undergraduates and graduate students – has been recognised as an official society of the University of Oxford, and hence becomes the Oxford University Animal Ethics Society. Founded only 2 years ago, the aim of the society is to provide a forum for the discussion of the moral status of animals. The Society works closely with the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. Its meetings are restricted to members of the University of Oxford, and Fellows of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.

President of the Society, Sarah Harden (a DPhil student in Classics at University College) commented: “We think we have made history – the first animal ethics society in the history of the University. We are proud to be pioneers for the animals, and we are already planning an exciting programme of events for the coming academic year. Further details of the Society are available here.

Membership of the Society is free and open to all members of the University. For more information, please contact Sarah Harden at