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“Humane” Slaughter Controversy

1st September 2009

Undercover film of slaughter in three abattoirs has been released by Animal Aid. It forms part of an investigation into UK slaughterhouses from January and July, 2009. Commenting on the footage, Centre Director, Professor Andrew Linzey said: “So often we are assured that slaughter in the UK is humane. But Animal Aid’s video footage raises disturbing questions about the meaning and effectiveness of existing slaughter regulations. DEFRA says that: “It is an absolute offence to cause or permit an animal avoidable excitement, pain or suffering” (see their website here). Now is the time for DEFRA to show these words mean something by ordering a full investigation.”

The Report by Liz Jones in the Mail on Sunday can be seen here, and a 10 minute summary of Animal Aid’s film can be seen here.