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Press and web reports up to February 2010

1st February 2010

Here are just some of the press and web reports on the doings of the Centre, the Director, and its Fellows.

9 April 2009. SALDF Students Win 2009-10 ALDF Advancement of Animal Law Scholarships, ALDF website

18 May 2009, University of Winchester website
University Vice Chancellor honoured by Centre for Animal Ethics

29 May 2009, Dilemata (Spanish) website announcing new journal

1 May 2009, Animal Blawg website announcing new journal

4 June 2009, Pluralist website
Chomping through animals, Pluralist website

29 June 2009, Marchig Trust for Animal Welfare
Madame Jeanne Marchig becomes Honorary Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics

30 June 2009, Pluralist website
On Not Chomping Through Animals

16 July 2009, The Soulful Eye
Review of Why Animal Suffering Matters (WASM)

1 July 2009, Deep Church
Review of WASM

21 July, 2009, six discussions on A Thinking Reed on WASM

17 August 2009. RSPCA
Clergy urged to highlight climate change

19 August 2009, Ekklesia
RSPCA encourages clergy to highlight climate change in animal services

20 August 2009
Theosophy website, review of WASM

21 August 2009
A ethical duty to protect animals by Andrew Knight, Veterinary Times,8.pdf

23 August 2009, The Pluralist
Animal welfare highlighted

30 August 2009, The Mail on Sunday
Can Mr Benn really be unmoved by these pitiful sounds of slaughter?

7 September 2009, The Englewood Review
Review of WASM

10 September 2009, BBC News website
Should pets have a £15 hospital?

11 September 2009, The Times
Brute Creatures and the Passion

11 September 2009, Vox Nova
Animal Rights and Human Rights: Is it time to connect the two?

13 September 2009
Normblog on WASM

16 September 2009, A Thinking Reed
Creaturely Theology

22 September 2009
Epping Roo Killer, The Leader (Australia)

1 October 2009, Independent Catholic News
Review of WASM

2 October 2009, Church Times
Why Christians should care about animals

4 October 2009
World Animal Day, Blazing Indiscretions

5 October 2009
Peter Wedderburn column, Daily Telegraph

8 October 2009
Smerconish on deer condoms, Stalking Smerconish

22 September 2009
Epping Roo Killer, The Leader (Australia)

14 October 2009
Review of WASM by Mark Holzer, ISAR

21 October 2009
The Link between Animal Abuse and Human Violence by Ian Roberston
Biosecurity Magazine, New Zealand

29 October 2009
Review of  WASM by Elisa Aaltola, Times Higher Education (THE)

5 November 2009
Alternatives to Animal Testing by Andrew Knight, Veterinary Times,10.pdf

5 November 2009
The Rise of the Non-Veggie Vegetarian, BBC News

27 November 2009
Review of WASM by Nadia on Amazon

28 November 2009
Guardian book review of WASM by Steven Poole

4 December 2009
Good reads review of WASM (number 2)

22 December 2009
The Rational Case for the Protection of Animals
Review of WASM by Dr Deborah Jones, Catholic Herald

22 December 2009, A Plea for the Dumb Brutes
Review of WASM by Robin Gill, Church Times

27 December 2009, Washington Post
Debate on animal suffering between Andrew Linzey and Adrian Morrison

27 December 2009
Is it ever right for animals to suffer? Care2 network

28 December 2009
Is it ever right to make animals suffer? Doris’Animal Rights Blog

29 December 2009
A debate on animal rights, Thinking Reed

1 January 2010
How the top ten stories of the decade reveal the connection between animal welfare and public health by Dr Aysha Akhtar, Huffington Post

3 January 2010
Scientists say dolphins should be treated as “non-human persons” (Professor Tom White), Times online

6 January 2010
Review of WASM by Roger Scruton, TLS

13 January 2010
How much can you mourn a pet? BBC website

25 January 2010
Animal Rights and Moral Absolutes,

27 January 2010
Linzey’s reply to Scruton’s review of WASM