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New Studies on Ferrater Mora

27th May 2010

Three new studies of Jose Ferrater Mora’s thought have been published in the latest issue of the Spanish Journal Enrahonor, which focuses on Catalan philosophers.

The first is entitled “Ferrater Mora: A Philosopher as Novelist” and is written by Professor Priscilla Cohn, Associate Director of the Centre. The second is “Enemies of Human Beings: Joep Ferrater Mora on Blood Fiestas” by Professor Andrew Linzey, Director of the Centre, and the third is “Un reino de este mundo: las aportaciones en ética de Ferrater Mora” (“A Kingdom of this World: Ferrater Mora’s Contributions to Ethics”), a survey of Ferrater Mora’s viewpoint in moral philosophy including his pioneering thought on animals by Professor Óscar Horta, Visiting Scholar at Rutgers University from the FECYT (the Spanish Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology).

Enrahonor is a quarterly journal of philosophy published by the Department of Philosophy of the Free University of Barcelona. The journal and the articles can be viewed online here.