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Climate Change and Animal Agriculture

10th July 2010

Fellow of the Centre and veterinary bioethicist, Andrew Knight, has published a two-part series of articles on the effect of animal agriculture on climate change.

Published in the Veterinary Times, on 10th May and 14th June, 2010, the articles describe the impacts of our reliance on livestock products on global food security, and strategies for mitigating the severe adverse impacts of the livestock sector on climate change. As required by the evidence, the articles conclude with a call for decreased consumption of animal products. These articles, as well as a short summary published in Veterinary Practice in April 2010, may be freely downloaded here.

The references are as follows:

  • Part I: Knight A., “Livestock casts long shadow over climate debate”, Vet Times [UK] 2010; 40(18): 17, 20.
  • Part II: Knight A., “Livestock and climate change”, Vet Times [UK] 2010; 40(23): 26, 28-9.
  • Summary: Knight A., “Climate change: the animal connection”, Vet Practice [UK] 2010; 42(2): 52-53.