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Post-Nominal Letters

10th July 2010

After discussion among the Fellows of the Centre, it has been agreed that Fellows should be entitled to use post-nominal letters to indicate their affiliation with the Centre.

Fellows will be able to put the letters FOCAE – and associated fellows AFOCAE – after their name to indicate their affiliation since the Centre is a prestigious and learned body of academics. That is reinforced by the increasingly high standards required for selection. Candidates now receive even more rigorous scrutiny than before with the consequence that many nominations are rejected.

Director of the Centre, Professor Andrew Linzey commented: “More than ever candidates have to demonstrate both moral seriousness and academic excellence.  It is thus evident to me that we are both a cause and a distinguished academic society.”

“We are closer than ever to our goal of becoming a world class centre of academic excellence” he said. “Quite apart from the question of standing, post-nominal letters will help to advertise the existence of the Centre and make known its work to others”.