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Director Contributes to Television Series on Animals

13th December 2010

Centre Director, Professor Andrew Linzey has contributed to week-long series on Channel 4 on animals. Called “4 for Thought” the series features 7 spokespeople with different views and is broadcast after the main Channel 4 News every evening.

“Since each broadcast only last two minutes, the whole thing is highly truncated. One holds one’s breath as to how one is going to be edited down after 30 minutes worth of conversation. I was asked to address the theological aspects, so chose to highlight the largely overlooked biblical text that has God requiring us to be vegetarian”, comments Professor Linzey.

He continued: “The title of the series ‘Should we give animals the same rights as humans?’ was of course fatuous because no sensible animal person wants to give animals the same rights as humans, such as the right to vote. I protested at this mischaracterisation at the time – all to no avail of course (and it wasn’t televised). But I suppose we ought to be thankful that there is some, rather limited, public discussion of an important issue.”

The Director’s broadcast (and the rest in the series) can be viewed here, and people can participate in a discussion of Professor’s Linzey’s views here.