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International Fertility Control Conference

25th August 2011

Centre Adviser, Dr Jay Kirkpatrick is organising the 7th International Conference on Fertility Control in “Wildlife” and submissions are invited.

This conference is a continuation of the growing international forum for research, and will bring together scientists from a range of disciplines related to fertility control. The conference is designed to seek practical tools and applications and to promote dialogue among a diverse audience. The intended audience includes scientists, “wildlife” agencies, animal welfare organisations, and the interested general public.

Centre Associate Director, Professor Priscilla Cohn, a strong advocate of contraception as an alternative to killing, organised the first international conference in Philadelphia, PA, and spoke at subsequent conferences in Denver, Colorado, Australia and South Africa. On the forthcoming conference she remarked: “The claim that animals overpopulate and therefore need to be killed and hunted would be effectively answered if there were a safe, effective, and humane means of controlling animals through contraception. At the very least, we should attend carefully to the science and consider the moral implications”.

The International Conference will be held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, August 29-September 1, 2012. For registration and abstract submission details visit the conference website here.