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Philosopher Fellow Helps Run New Cat Clinic in Pennsylvania

19th September 2011

Centre Fellow and philosopher, Professor Faith Bjalobok is pioneering a new cat clinic in Charleroi, Pennsylvania.

Dr Faith Bjalobok, Professor of Philosophy at Duquesne University, has collaborated with other animal organisations to help solve the cat overpopulation problem. The mission of the new clinic is to “humanely control the homeless cat population of Charleroi Pennsylvania through humane methods which include TNR (trap, neuter, release), removal of sick cats to sanctuary, and removal of cats from hostile environments. We plan to carry this mission out without any cost to the taxpayers of Charleroi”.

As reported in the Pittsburgh Examiner:

On September 1st, Animal Friend’s mobile resource unit (neuter/scooter) will roll   into Charleroi to perform the first of many feline spay/neuter clinics.  Promoted by Charleroi Mayor Nancy Ellis, TNR is the corner stone of a multi-faceted plan to control the homeless cat population of Charleroi without resorting to the morally antiquated method of trapping and killing innocent cats.

The plan is the result of the concerted effort of the Fluffyjean Fund for Felines, In-Care-of-Cats, Valley Pet Association, and the independent trappers and colony    caretakers of Charleroi. The first three clinics are already underwritten by private  donations and the city plans to hold a rabies clinic to generate more funds.

For the rest of the article read here.

Professor Bjalobok has also pioneered a course in the “Philosophy of Animals” now offered by Duquesne University of Pittsburgh. The course, which assumes that the recognition of animal sentiency and intrinsic value is a prerequisite of a just society, examines various theories of personhood in relation to non-human animals (see here).

For more information about the clinic see here.