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Director’s 2011 publications

1st February 2012

The following are the Director’s publications during 2011:

Articles in journals
“Terms of Discourse” (From the Editors), Journal of Animal Ethics, Vol. 1, No. 1, Spring, 2011, pp. vi-ix (with Priscilla N. Cohn).

“Automi senz’animao compagni nella sofferenze?” in Filosofia e Teologia, Revista quadrimestra, 1/2001, pp.33-47.

“Interview”, The Ark, No. 219, Autumn/Winter, 2011, pp. 22-26.

“Old Prejudices Die Hard” (From the Editors), Journal of Animal Ethics, Fall 2011, Vol. 1, No. 2, v-vii (with Priscilla N. Cohn).

“The French Contribution to Animal Ethics: René Descartes and Victor Hugo”, Journal of Animal Law, Vol. VII, 2011, 105-117.

Contributions to books
“Kristovská nevinnost zvířat” (pp. 53-590, “Vegetariánství jako ideal nenásilí” (pp. 179-183), “Závĕrem” (pp. 206-116), and “O lovení (pp. 227-232) in Jan Čejka (ed), Zvířata Jsou Naši Bližní (Prague: Prah Publishers, 2010), ISBN 978-80-7252-317-7. [from 2010]

“Christianity, Influences of” in Margaret Puskar-Pasewicz (ed.), Cultural Encyclopedia of Vegetarianism (Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 2010), pp. 64-67. [from 2010]

“Animal Gospel”, Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer (ed.), Anthologie D’éthique Animale: Apologies des Bêtes (Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 2011), pp. 334-336.

Articles in magazines/newspapers 
“Cruelty should not be tolerated”, Church Times, Issue No.7750, 30 September, 2011, p. 9. Available at

Book reviews
“Putting the Horse before Descartes”, Times Literary Supplement, No. 5652, 29 July, 2011, p. 26.