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Fellow Contributes to Pioneering Book on Environmental Social Work

27th August 2012

Environmental Social Work

Centre Associate Fellow, Dr Thomas Ryan has contributed to a new collection which seeks to expand the horizons of social work to include the environment and animal welfare.

Entitled Environmental Social Work and edited by Mel Gray, John Coates, and Tiani Hetherington, the book challenges the traditional anthropocentrism of social work and therefore represents a new orientation in thinking and practice. Dr Ryan’s chapter is entitled “Social Work, Animals, and the Natural World”, and specifically challenges social work and its practitioners to embrace a concern for the natural world that is inclusive of both domesticated and undomesticated animals.

Dr Ryan has already published Animals and Social Work: A Moral Introduction in the Palgrave Macmillan book series on animal ethics published in partnership with the Centre. See here. Details of the book can be obtained here.