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Fellow Edits Book on Africa and Its Animals

22nd September 2012

Centre Associate Fellow Rainer Ebert and International Fund for Africa President Dr. Anteneh Roba plan to publish an interdisciplinary book on Africa and Its Animals.

The book is intended to raise awareness for the non-human cohabitants of Africa, their trials and tribulations, their daily challenges to survive under harsh conditions caused by human indifference and cruelty, and their vulnerability in the face of mother nature. It further attempts to shift the common view of animals as second-class members of our societies to one which recognizes the symbiotic relationship between humans and non-humans, and explain how this relationship is interwoven and embedded in African culture, philosophy, and art.

They are calling for proposals for new chapters. Guidelines for authors and further details of the proposed book are available here.

Chapter proposals should be 2-4 pages and double-spaced, and should be sent by March 31, 2013 to