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Deputy Director gives Keynote Address at Warsaw Conference

4th October 2012

Centre Deputy Director Clair Linzey will be giving a Keynote Address at a Conference in Warsaw on Saturday 13th October.

The address will be given at a conference on ‘The Experience of Animality in Culture, Science and Daily Life’ at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Warsaw.  The title of her lecture is ‘If you disparage the creature, you disparage the creator’,  in which she will explore how the Christian tradition has left us with a mixed legacy regarding animals. The tradition has contributed to the denigration of animals as little more than things, machines, soulless beings, tools, all here for our use. She will examine the theological resources for a positive Christian view of animals, including the ideas that all sentients have intrinsic value, and that humans beings should be properly seen not as the master species but rather as the servant species in creation.

For more information about the conference see here.