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PhD Successes of Fellows

6th November 2012

The Centre is delighted to announce that four of its Fellows have gained their doctorates this year – all in pioneering dissertations relevant to the status of animals. They are:

Samantha Calvert, “Eden’s Diet: Christianity and vegetarianism 1809 – 2009”, (University of Birmingham, 2012).

Lauren Corman, “The Ventriloquist’s Burden? Animals, Voice, and Politics” (York University, 2012).

Lisa Johnson, “Knowledge, Power, Animals” (Portland State University, 2012).

John McKeown, “U.S. Protestant Natalist Reception of Old Testament ‘Fruitful Verses’: A Critique” (Liverpool University, 2012).

“These are people who are helping to put animal ethics on the academic agenda through their ground breaking research”, commented Centre Director Professor Andrew Linzey. “The Centre extends its warmest congratulations to them on their achievement, and we wish them every success in their academic careers”.