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Death of Honorary Fellow

7th May 2013

It is with sadness that the Centre announces the death of one of its Honorary Fellows Dr Jeanne Marchig on 3rd May.

Dr Marchig was founder and chair of the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust and an outstanding philanthropist in the field of animal protection. The Centre is personally grateful to her for providing funds that made possible the Journal of Animal Ethics now published by the Centre and the University of Illinois Press.

The Marchig Trust was established in 1989 because of Dr Marchig’s deep concern for nature and animals, and in memory of her late husband the famous Italian artist, Giannino Marchig. She made the welfare of animals her life’s work, and supported several hundred projects throughout the world, including the veterinary care and treatment of animals in the developing world (notably scores of neutering, welfare and re-homing programmes for companion animals), the protection of wildlife, and educational and campaigning work against cruelty, especially against fur-trapping, canned hunting, whaling, animal transports, and bullfighting.

Centre Director Professor Andrew Linzey commented on her appointment as an Honorary Fellow in 2009: “Madame Marchig has been a magnificent advocate for the animals … there is hardly a part of the world in which animals have not benefited from her generosity. Single-handedly, she has made the world a better place for animals”.