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Recent Columns in the Huffington Post

29th July 2013

Centre Fellow Dr Aysha Akhtar and Centre Director Professor Andrew Linzey have both had recent columns in the popular Huffington Post.

Dr Akhtar’s column entitled “Want to Improve Medical Research? Cut Out the Animals!” published on 7 July aroused extensive comment with more than a thousand people recommending her piece, see here.

It also led to Huffington Post having a live video chat with Dr Akhtar and two others talking about the science of animal experiments. It can be viewed here.

In addition, a supporting science blog posted by Dr Anthony Robbins, MD, MPA was published on 18 July, entitled “The Need to Include Animal Protection in Public Health Policies”, see here.

Dr Robbins is Co-Editor of the Journal of Public Health Policy and directed the Vermont Department of Health, the Colorado Department of Health, the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, and the U.S. National Vaccine Programme. He headlines Dr Akhtar’s article and also argues against the U.S.’s Ag Gag laws, which were the subject of a recent editorial in the Journal of Animal Ethics, entitled “Entitled to Know” see here.

Dr Akhtar is author of the book Animals and Public Health: Why Treating Animals Better is Critical to Human Welfare, published as part of the Palgrave Macmillan Animal Ethics Series, see here.

Professor Andrew Linzey has also published a column on “Is Religion Good for Animals?” which appeared on 27July, highlighting the Centre’s new Religion and Animals Research Project, see here. At the time of writing it has garnered more than 190 comments.