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Why Animal Suffering Matters Now in Paperback

12th November 2013

Why Animal Suffering MattersCentre Director Professor Andrew Linzey’s critically acclaimed book Why Animal Suffering Matters has now been published in paperback by Oxford University Press.

The book pioneers a new theory about about why animal suffering matters and uncovers the rational considerations that should underpin moral concern for both children and animals. It also comprises detailed consideration of the ethics of hunting with dogs, fur farming, and commercial sealing.

In addition to being issued in paperback, the book is now available as an ebook and is shortly to be published by OSO (Oxford Scholarship Online) which means it can be accessed online by academics worldwide.

“It is great that the book has had such an impact and that it will now reach and even wider readership”, said Professor Linzey

The book has been widely reviewed in the popular as well as the academic press and has helped galvanise ethical discussion about animals. Some of the reviews of the book are below.

“Although a theologian, Linzey is clearly learned in moral philosophy. This ensures that a non-religious reader … does not feel excluded … Linzey’s book provides a fine introduction to why animal suffering matters. It could, and arguably should, be utilised by universities, schools, and laypeople alike.” —Times Higher Education

“A very compelling philosophical argument for the case for extending moral solicitude to all sentient beings … Far from being sentimental, [Linzey] demonstrates that a real concern for animals can be part of a radical expression of Christian faith.” —Independent Catholic News

“Argues compellingly that concern for animals (chiefly mammals and birds) is not merely an emotional matter, but, rather, one that has firm rational basis, with concrete implications for human practice and social policy … The overall quality of the book … is excellent. Its seamless wedding of moral theorizing, cultural criticism, and political analysis is a paradigmatic example of how practical ethics ought to be done, and the power it might have in helping to change ideas and institutions.” —Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture

“The book is excellently done … with exhaustive scholarship, meticulous argumentation, and clear organization, making it very suitable as a textbook … one can only welcome Linzey’s latest book, which admirably reinforces why we ought to care enough about animal suffering at human hands to strive to end it.” — Philosophy Now

“Linzey’s book is a treat. It is written in a smooth and accessible style, and his arguments are, on the whole, lucid and powerful … Why Animal Suffering Matters is a smart, sensitive book from which academics and non-academics, philosophers and non-philosophers, the religious and the non-religious, and those with passionate and casual interests in animals, all will benefit.” —Environmental Ethics

More information about the book is here.