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Professor Kai Horsthemke, PhD

1st April 2015

was educated both in Germany and in South Africa, where he was completed his PhD in the Department of Philosophy, University of the Witwatersrand. After working as a professional musician for several decades, he joined the Wits School of Education in a full-time capacity in 2002. He is an Associate Professor, teaching philosophy of education, ethics, social and political philosophy, epistemology, philosophy of science, logic and critical thinking, all with a strongly educational focus. He has published extensively since 2004, including a book entitled The moral status and rights of animals (Porcupine Press, 2010). Other animal-related publications include ‘Rethinking humane education’ (Ethics and Education 4/2, 2009); ‘Animal liberation: Terrorism or civil disobedience?’ (SA Public Law 27/1, 2012), ‘Animal sacrifice’ (in A. Linzey, ed., The global guide to animal protection (University of Illinois Press, 2013), and ‘Children and other animals: The possibility and promise of animal rights education’ (Philosophy of Education/ Russia 7, 2014: 157-171). Apart from animal rights, his research interests include African philosophy (of education), indigenous knowledge (indigenous science, ethnomathematics, ethnomusicology), as well as humane and environmental education. He has recently published Animals and African Ethics in the Animal Ethics Series for Palgrave MacMillan.