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We are Making Strides

5th December 2015

We are making strides towards putting animals on the intellectual agenda.

  • Our 2015 Oxford Summer School on the Ethics of Using Animals in Research, partnership with Cruelty Free International, was a great success and attracted more than 150 academics from around the world. The video of the School can be seen here. Photographs from both the 2014 and 2015 Summer Schools are now available here.
  • A Working Group of Fellows of the Centre has produced a lengthy and comprehensive report on the ethics of using animals in research. Titled Normalising the Unthinkable, it can be viewed here.
  • More than 160 academics and intellectuals worldwide have endorsed the report, including Nobel Laureate Professor John Coetzee, Professor Conor Gearty of the London School of Economics, and Professor Keith Ward of the University of Oxford. The full list of signatories is here.
  • The Call for Papers for our 2016 Summer School on the Ethics of Eating Animals, in partnership with One Voice France, is now out, and is already attracting considerable interest. See here.
  • Our mega Handbook of Practical Animal Ethics is now in press with the publisher Palgrave Macmillan.
  • The Journal of Animal Ethics, published in partnership with the University of Illinois Press, continues to arouse academic discussion. See here for the latest edition, which includes articles on capitalism and animals, animals as persons, religion and animal rights, and how science fiction helps us to re-envisage our moral relations with animals.
  • The Centre spends a great deal of time trying to improve the quality of debate within the media. See, for example, the recent interviews in Newsweek, The Tablet and Vice
  • The Global Guide to Animal Protection, also published by the University of Illinois Press, has provoked press comment throughout the world, not least of all because of the inspiring foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. See here.
  • You can now keep up to date with the work of the Centre by following us on Instagram, just search for ‘oxfordanimalethics’.