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Top academics address the ethics of eating animals

4th April 2016

More than sixty top scholars will be speaking at the Annual Oxford Summer School in July 2016, which will address the ethics of eating animals.  The Summer School is the third being arranged by the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, this year in partnership with One Voice, France.

“There has been huge interest in the Summer School” said Centre Director Professor Andrew Linzey, “it is the largest event we have ever had”.

Academics include philosophers, ethicists, theologians, social scientists, economists, and legal scholars:

  • Professor Daniel Dombrowski (Seattle University)
  • Professor Corine Pelluchon (Université de Franche-Comté)
  • Professor Matthew Halteman (Calvin College)
  • Professor Andrew Chignell (Cornell University)
  • Professor Kurt Remele (Karl-Franzens-University in Graz, Austria)
  • Professor Alex Bruce (Australian National University)
  • Dr Yoko Kito (National Institute of Technology, Nagano College, Japan)
  • Dr Kenneth Valpey (University of Oxford)
  • Dr Asmi Wood (Australian National University)
  • Dr Margarita Carretero-González (University of Granada, Spain)
  • Professor Michael Gilmour (Providence University College, Canada)
  • Dr Linda Johnson (University of Michigan-Flint)
  • Professor Elizabeth Hirsh (University of South Florida)
  • Professor Kay Peggs (University of Winchester)
  • Professor Steven McMullen (Hope College, Michigan)
  • Simon Brooman (Liverpool John Moores University)

Topics will include: the moral rights of animals, human obligations to animals, animals as persons, animal sentience, human perceptions of animals, vegan nutrition and lifestyle, ethical responsibilities of food companies, factory farming, the economics of animal agriculture, vegetarian cattle husbandry, the ethics of pescetarianism, the history of compassionate diets, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, and Christian perspectives on killing, the ethics of religious slaughter, human rights in abattoirs, the welfare of cattle in India, vegetarianism in Brazil, animal ethics in Japan, EU ban on battery cages, and veganism in visual culture.

The Summer School will be held at St Stephen’s House, Oxford from 24-27 July.  The full programme of events will be published in May 2016, and registration is open until May 10th.  For more details, see here or contact Clair at