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Appointment of New Fellows

19th April 2019

The Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics is delighted to announce the appointment of twenty three new Fellows.

Academics, both from the sciences as well as the humanities, who are researching or intending to research in the field are eligible for consideration. Under the rules, appointment is offered only once to successful individuals within their lifetime, and appointment is by invitation or nomination only. Only a small proportion of those nominated are eventually selected.

The process of selection is rigorous, painstaking, and frequently lengthy, and individuals appointed have to have made (or be capable of making) an outstanding contribution to the field.

The new Fellows are:

  • Professor Cini Bretzlaff-Holstein (Trinity Christian College, IL), Fellow
  • Professor Kendra Coulter (Brock University, Canada), Fellow
  • Dr Chris Draper (Born Free Foundation), Fellow
  • Raffael N. Fasel (University of Cambridge, England), Associate Fellow
  • Professor Angela Fernandez (University of Toronto, Canada), Fellow
  • Professor Marita Giménez-Candela (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain), Fellow
  • Michael Glover (Leiden University, Netherlands), Associate Fellow
  • Professor James E. Helmer (Xavier University, OH), Fellow
  • Professor Kathy Hessler (Lewis & Clark Law School, OR), Associate Fellow
  • Rebecca Jenkins (Lewis & Clark Law School, OR), Associate Fellow
  • Dr Thomas Lepeltier (Independent scholar), Associate Fellow
  • Professor Daniel B. Lourenço (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Fellow
  • Professor Justin Marceau (University of Denver, CO), Fellow
  • Dr Mandy Mihelic (The University of Queensland, Australia), Associate Fellow
  • Stephanie O’ Flynn (National University of Ireland, Galway), Associate Fellow
  • Professor Mary J. Shariff (University of Manitoba, Canada), Fellow
  • Professor Barry Smart (University of Portsmouth, England), Fellow
  • Dr Paola Sobbrio (Independent scholar), Fellow
  • Dr Roxanne Grace Sperry (Atlantic School of Theology, Canada), Associate Fellow
  • Rebecca Rose Stanton (Northumbria University, England), Associate Fellow
  • David Thomas (Lawyer), Fellow
  • The Revd Matthew J. Webber (Colorado State University, CO), Associate Fellow
  • Dr Miriam A. Zemanova (University of Basel, Switzerland), Associate Fellow

“All these individuals are pioneering new work in Animal Ethics – helping to press the envelope in terms of new thinking”, said Director of the Centre, Professor Andrew Linzey. The Centre extends its warmest congratulations to the successful individuals. Their biographies can be viewed here.