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Dr Miriam A. Zemanova, PhD

19th April 2019

pursued university degrees in ecology, biological conservation and natural resources management, and has received several prizes and honours. For her PhD in population genetics and community ecology she was awarded the Bernese Award for Environmental Research. During her studies, she became increasingly interested in animal ethics. She was the main organiser and grant-holder for the workshop “Animal Ethics and Law in Life Sciences” ( held at the University of Bern in 2016. She also published the article “More Training in Animal Ethics Needed for European Biologists” in the Bioscience journal in 2017. Dr Zemanova is currently a Research Fellow at the Department of Philosophy at the University of Basel, Switzerland. She is working on the topic of animal ethics and animal welfare in ecological research. Her goal is to develop, implement, and disseminate information on animal welfare, ethics, and non-invasive research alternatives.