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Dr Roxanne Grace Sperry, PhD

19th April 2019

is a candidate for ordination with the United Church of Canada and is pursuing a Master of Divinity at the Atlantic School of Theology.  She is the founder of the International Association of Veterinary Chaplains.  Her passion is to develop Veterinary Chaplaincy on a global scale.  Her interest is in anthrozoological bereavement of the individual and how it is expressed in our culture and the impact on society as our planet is in crisis and we encounter an unprecedented loss of animal species.  Her work as a veterinary chaplain is to give voice to and sooth disenfranchised grief for those who grieve the loss of animal life.  She is also interested in providing psycho-spiritual care for animal rights activists as they suffer when they encounter the pain of the animals they work to protect.  She is an animal rights advocate that seeks to advance animal rights and welfare through psycho-spiritual interventions to transform the heart.