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Rebecca Rose Stanton

19th April 2019

is a third year PhD student at Northumbria University, Newcastle. Her thesis explores depictions of animals and animal abuse within children’s media, particularly Disney animations. It specifically focusses on theories of social acceptance, speciesism, anthropomorphism, the uncanny valley, and animal abuse. Prior to this, Rebecca obtained an MA in English Literature and a BA in Drama with English at Loughborough University. She focussed on animal rights issues during both her MA and BA dissertations. In addition to this, she is the creator and convenor of the ‘Animals and Animation’ group within the Society for Animation Studies. Furthermore, she is a member of the Vegan Society’s Researcher Network and Campaigner Network. She has written blog posts for both the Vegan Society and the Society for Animation Studies on animal rights issues. Rebecca proudly describes herself as a committed animal rights scholar, activist, and campaigner. She has been an active member of peaceful branches of the animal rights movement for all of her teenage and adult life. This has been through involvement with grassroots organizations, such as volunteering at local animal shelters, as well as national events, such as conferences and marches.