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Christmas Appeal 2021

23rd December 2021

Frosty Oxford. View of Magdalen College Tower

Dear Friends

Like many of you, the last two years have been deeply vexing due to ill-health from Covid-19 and the many frustrations this has brought us.

But we carry on and we are writing to ask you to help us keep going.

We are under-resourced, under-funded, and over-worked, and yet we continue to push the boundaries. Our highlights include:

  • We have been working on a number of special filming projects. We are making a full-length documentary about our Director, Andrew Linzey, and his life-long work for animals, culminating in the work of our Centre. We are also making a shorter video about animals in Oxford. We believe our film projects have the ability to make a great impact for animals, with our previous Summer School video being watched by thousands on YouTube. Making these films is expensive and we would be terribly grateful for your support. For those of you willing to give larger donations to fund this project, we will happily give you a credit in the film, maybe even an Executive Producer credit. Please reply to this email for details.
  • The Journal of Animal Ethics published by the University of Illinois Press continues an ever wider readership and has reached a readership of more than 8,000 (which is exceptional for an academic journal) and that does not include those who read it online or on university online sites.
  • We are affiliated to the Oxford University Animal Ethics Society, which is open to all members of the University. Every two weeks a member offers a paper and it even survived during Covid-19 by holding zoom meetings.
  • After having to cancel the Annual Oxford Animal Ethics Summer School for two years, we are now pushing ahead with our next Summer School for 2022. It will be held at Merton College, Oxford on 7-10 August, and the topic will be “Animals and Public Policy: Embodying, Implementing, and Institutionalising Animal Ethics”.

Art, Ethics and the Human-Animal Relationship by Linda Johnson

Veg(etari)an Arguments in Culture, History, and Practice: The V Word edited by Cristina Hanganu-Bresch and Kristin Kondrlik

The Disneyfication of Animals by Rebecca Rose Stanton

Licensing Laws and Animal Welfare: The Legal Protection of Wild Animals by Elizabeth Tyson

Creative Compassion, Literature and Animal Welfare by Michael J. Gilmour

Animality in Contemporary Italian Philosophy edited by Felice Cimatti and Carlo Salzani

The Open Society and Its Animals by Janneke Vink

Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics by Kenneth R. Valpey

So despite our many challenges we are continuing to lead the paradigm shift for animals. Our work is made possible by your wonderful support, for which we are truly grateful.

We need your help to sustain our momentum and continue to think big in 2022. Any support, great or small, would be greatly appreciated, and would help us continue to help others to think differently about animals.

To make a donation to support our work, see here.

Thank you and Happy Christmas

Andrew and Clair