Associate Fellows

Associate Fellows are normally graduate students, usually doctoral candidates, who are researching areas of relevance to the ethical status of animals. The Centre has taken the unusual step of opening up its Fellowship to graduate students because Animal Ethics is a fast developing field and we want to support and encourage the participation of those individuals who will be the leaders and pioneers of the field in the future.

The annual subscription for Associate Fellows is currently £150 a year.

All candidates need to meet three criteria:

  • a deep, rather than a superficial, commitment to the philosophy of the Centre that holds that all sentient beings have intrinsic value and should be treated with respect;
  • evidence of scholarly work at a high level or, at the least, a desire and a preparedness, to make a scholarly contribution to the field; and
  • relevance of research to the current and future programme of the Centre.

The privileges of being an Associate Fellow include:

  • invitations to contribute articles, comment pieces, and reviews for the Journal of Animal Ethics;
  • invitations to contribute to the Centre’s research projects;
  • a discounted place at the Annual Animal Ethics Summer School at Oxford;
  • a free copy of the bi-annual Journal of Animal Ethics, and
  • entitlement to use post-nominal letters, i.e. to put the letters AFOCAE after their name.

Appointment is by invitation or nomination only. Individuals who wish to be considered for appointment need, in the first instance, to ask their supervisor, or head of department, to contact the Director.