Fellows are academics and researchers from various disciplines with a record of research and publication in the field, or who are desirous of, and currently in the process of, making such a contribution. Normally, Fellows are academics with a university affiliation, but independent researchers with a strong record of publication, and also individuals who are professionally engaged with animal protection (for example, veterinarians, teachers, clergy, and lawyers) will also be considered for appointment. The academic biography of each Fellow is posted on the Centre’s website.

Appointment as a Fellow is by invitation or nomination only. It is a rule of the Centre that the invitation is only extended once during the life-time of an individual. Those wishing to nominate an individual should contact the Director.

All candidates need to meet three criteria:

  • a deep, rather than a superficial, commitment to the philosophy of the Centre that holds that all sentient beings have intrinsic value and should be treated with respect;
  • evidence of scholarly work at a high level or, at the least, a desire and a preparedness, to make a scholarly contribution to the field; and
  • relevance of research to the current and future programme of the Centre.

It cannot be stressed enough that the Fellowship is a select academy and that competition for these posts is very strong. Our aim is to select the most able and creative minds in the field. The process of selection is rigorous, painstaking, and frequently lengthy. Only a fraction of those nominated are eventually selected.

The annual subscription for full Fellows is currently £250 a year. The cost of the subscription is usually borne by the Fellow’s host institution, who rightly regard appointment as a Fellow as an honour to the institution as well as the individual.

The privileges of being a Fellow include:

  • invitations to contribute articles, comment pieces, and reviews for the Journal of Animal Ethics;
  • Full Fellows automatically become consultant editors of the Journal of Animal Ethics and will appear on the journal’s mast (as space permits);
  • the right to nominate other suitably qualified individuals as Fellows;
  • invitations to contribute to the Centre’s research projects;
  • the opportunity to present at the Annual Animal Ethics Summer School at Oxford;
  • a discounted place at the Annual Animal Ethics Summer School at Oxford;
  • Full Fellows automatically become Consultant Editors for the Palgrave Macmillan Animal Ethics Book Series;
  • a free copy of the bi-annual Journal of Animal Ethics, and
  • entitlement to use post-nominal letters, i.e. to put the letters FOCAE after their name