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  • Six of Fifteen Books Published in Animal Ethics Series
    Posted 6th December 2011
  • JAE Article Shortlisted for Australian Prize
    Posted 4th December 2011
  • New Book Exposes Inconsistencies in Animal Protection Laws
    Posted 4th November 2011
  • Director to Receive University Honour
    Posted 4th November 2011
  • Second Issue of Journal of Animal Ethics Published
    Posted 18th October 2011
  • Fellow Comments on Growth of Animal Sensitivity in China
    Posted 10th October 2011
  • News Release: Government and Church Inaction Allows Animal Cruelty to Thrive, Claims Theologian
    Posted 29th September 2011
  • Fellow Challenges Researchers on Animal Testing
    Posted 26th September 2011
  • Service for Animals in Westminster Abbey
    Posted 26th September 2011
  • Philosopher Fellow Helps Run New Cat Clinic in Pennsylvania
    Posted 19th September 2011
  • International Fertility Control Conference
    Posted 25th August 2011
  • Fellow publishes an innovative book on animals and the media
    Posted 14th July 2011
  • Media Response to Centre’s News Release on Animal Language
    Posted 14th July 2011
  • Fellow Contributes to Special Issue of Criminology Journal on Animal Abuse
    Posted 24th June 2011
  • Associate Fellow Publishes Trailblazing Work on Animals and Social Work
    Posted 10th June 2011
  • Fellow Contributes to Pioneering Conference in Brazil
    Posted 9th June 2011
  • Fellow Publishes Ground-breaking Book on Animal Experiments
    Posted 1st June 2011
  • News Release: Animal Language Sends Wrong Message
    Posted 26th April 2011
  • Fellow publishes Creaturely Poetics
    Posted 18th April 2011
  • News Release: Launch of the Journal of Animal Ethics
    Posted 2nd April 2011